Ivotion Denture System

    Ivoclar digital logoTruly efficient. Truly digital.

    The Ivotion Denture System offers a seamless and fast digital manufacturing process for fabricating high-quality removable dentures. Launched in 2015, the Digital Denture solutions from Ivoclar Vivadent are now incorporated in the Ivotion Denture System.

    The integrated workflow involves both digital laboratory fabrication methods and established clinical treatment steps. An Ivotion Digital Denture is the ideal solution for many different applications in digital removable denture prosthetics.

    Ivotion is at the center of this system. This new monolithic CAD/CAM disc features both tooth and denture base materials in one. Due to the disc’s unique Shell Geometry, the system offers amazing efficiency.


    • Only a few manual working steps
    • Hardly any disruption in the work process
    • Plaster models are unnecessary
    • Placement in the articulator is not required
    • Fast tooth set-up due to extensive tooth libraries containing functional sample set-ups.


    • Premium PMMA material ensures high strength and biocompatibility.
    • No polymerization shrinkage or porosity of the material.
    • No thermal influences of the denture base material.
    • Ivotion does not require any bonding.


    • Reliable results for dental technicians, clinicians and patients.
    • Customized dentures.
    • Integrated workflow.
    • Standardized quality.
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